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*BEB Symposium featured on Público journal, P3 project. Read news here.

*BEB Symposium featured on University of Coimbra main page, interview for the UCV.


You are welcome to the 1st BEB Symposium organized by the 10th Edition PhD Students.



We are a group of PhD students from the Doctoral Programme in Experimental Biology and Biomedicine, coordinated by the Centre for Neurosciences and Cell Biology at University of Coimbra, Portugal. We are willing to make a change.

Science is driven by the inspiration and passion from researchers around the world. Natural curiosity, dreams, critical and innovative thinking lead and ride the future. In times of financial crisis, scientists rethink sustainability of the science-making process, coming up with solutions for viable and productive science. Hot topics, such as stem cell science and personalized medicine, make headlines across magazines from different fields. All those challenges arise in the mind and dreams of scientists.

In light of this context, we have proposed ourselves to organize a symposium targeting the leading edge advances and challenges of science. We want to be proactive, inventive and profoundly aware of science as a collaborative workforce. We want to bring attention to these issues, to involve local and national academia and industry, to shorten the distance between science and society.

We will make it happen,
The 10th Edition from the Doctoral Programme in Experimental Biology and Biomedicine